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mang i hate when i get headaches, it pops out of nowhere when im workin out at fitness 19

It’s 11/11/11 tomorrow, reblog if you are hoping for a miracle to come .

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Reblog if you miss a friendship you had with someone but you donʻt think it can ever be how it used to.

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Reblog if you’re touching an apple product right now

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My Favourite Types of Hugs


  • Tight hugs: The ones where they just hug you super tight for a long time with no words.
  • Unexpected hugs: The ones where you’re just doing your own thing and they come from behind and hug you unexpectedly.
  • Lift up hugs: The ones where you run up to them, and they have their arms all wide, and you just run up and you lift up your legs and they carry you.
  • Spinning hugs: The ones where they hug you & spin you around in circles.

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